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Just be prepared to repeat yourself when retrograde Mercury revisits your sign July August Communication breakthroughs are finally possible at the Virgo new moon on August 30, when five planets in Virgo link up with Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus to form a Grand Earth Trine. This helps you choose precisely the right words, and be more realistic and pragmatic—less emotional or sentimental—about social interactions. Clearing away mental and emotional clutter from the past can help you see a new way forward in relationships of all kinds.

Decan 1 Cancer 2020 Horoscope

Ultimately, Cancer, this year is about learning to love yourself and others as you are, not as you think you should be—and that little shift can make a huge difference to your overall health and happiness. Year of Love is no joke, Cancer. These heavy hitters in Capricorn are driving home the importance of personal responsibility and accountability in relationships. When things go wrong, it may feel safer to project the blame onto your partner… but the situation is rarely that simple.

Avoiding your share of the responsibility just keeps you stuck repeating the same mistakes, playing out the same unconscious patterns. If unresolved issues from past relationships are weighing you down, the July 16 lunar eclipse offers opportunities for emotional release, closure, and healing. Fortunately, these Libra planets also sextile Jupiter in Sagittarius. After all, exciting new connections are a definite possibility later in the year, with Mercury spending over two months in Scorpio October 3-December 9, retrograde October November Mercury and the other personal planets in Scorpio Venus, the sun, and Mars will oppose Uranus in Taurus and trine Neptune in Pisces, opening you up to the idea of meeting new people in unusual or unexpected ways.

Download a new dating app, let a friend hook you up, or just get out there and explore the world on your own. True, your workload could also get a little heavier this year. But a corresponding increase in job satisfaction makes it well worth the effort. Still, with three Jupiter-Neptune squares this year January 13, June 16, and September 21 , try not to be too idealistic about your job.

Two Venus-Jupiter conjunctions January 22 and November 24 offer rewards, as long as you have confidence in your own worth. A lunar eclipse in Leo on January 21 helps you release false modesty, and find the courage to ask for what you truly deserve. Toward the end of the month, you may be just about partied out and ready to channel your energy into more serious projects I know, it is always multiple projects for you, Gemini! Harness your birthday magic for the months to come as you reap the rewards of that gratitude you started off with at the first of the month. Play hard but be motivated toward a new project once your birthday week is officially over.

The best crystal for you to wear this month is Sodalite to help stimulate amazing conversations, creative flow and peaceful balance! The stars this June are aligned to help you think clearly about just about everything in your life. This also means that it might just be the right time to take action. That might be a direct move in your love life, career or in your family situation.

It might be the right time to move out if you are still living at home!

Normally, you need more time to process those flowy feelings, but this month, the seed is germinated, full grown and ready to harvest. Do not hesitate, MOVE! There is fire in the water so use that energy to Make It Happen! The best crystal for you to wear this month is Rainforest Jasper as it suits your need for the flowy watery yumminess of nature but encourages you to never stop growing!

You are an intense powerhouse of world changing energy this month! However, you just might irritate everyone by trying to get them onboard with your mission, as most of them will be more focused on themselves at the moment. That being said, this is a good month to practice your sensitivity!

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You know how you get when a cause of some kind becomes all there is in your world for a while. Do not get angry with those who have something else in mind. We all have different missions, skills and motivations and they do not always line up at the same time. If that mission is a new love interest, check the reasons you are attracted. Are you motivated by your current inspiration or are you seeking a companion that suits you outside of just the moment? Be sure you are trying to motivate those that actually WANT to be motivated. Slow down and allow others to join your cause if they are moved to do so!

The best crystal for you to wear this month is Blue Goldstone to inspire you to make improvements and send positive energy out to the world as only you can! This month, the more you give the more you receive. Your job for the next several weeks is to focus on being happy and feeling joy. I know you crave organization, Virgo, so maybe keep a happiness journal where you can write a daily journal note on what makes you happy that day.

This is really important for you this month to stimulate good energy, as there may be the temptation to overextend right now with your energy and over give to others. Bringing the focus back to your energy in an organized way is going to pave the way for a huge burst of creative power in the months to come. Trust me Virgo; it is time to be the mindful custodian of your happiness.

The best crystal for you to wear this month is Green Aventurine to stimulate Self Love and Appreciation for Life and for those you love! The planets are aligned this June to lend you massive support from afar. Even though this might not be a month of massive change and huge movement forward, it is a month where slow, steady and balanced wins the race! Go slow and embrace some moments of quietude, as that far off support from your planets will probably come in the way of insight, inspiration and ideas to fine-tune most of your projects already in play.

That includes your love life by the way! Take time out to help a friend or family member with something unexpected. Balance your energy with periods of movement and rest.


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The best crystal for you to wear this month is Amethyst to help you balance the higher needs of your community with your inner spiritual bliss! First of all, this month you have an abundance of energetic love mojo going on.

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However, as we know, sometimes this can get you into a disastrous situation if you are around other people who well, just do not get your intensity. Do not hold yourself back or change yourself for anyone, just be mindful of your own expectations. If someone does not get it, does not vibe with your truth or gets shocked because you are a little too direct, brush it off in a loving manner of course and seek those that do get you!

Be in love with your energy, keep dancing with those that get it and give everyone else the loving brush off! The best crystal for you to wear this month is Hematite to help you clear the way to what you want and need to amplify the passionate positive dynamo that you are! Your feelings are powerful this month! This may start to irritate you after a while if you spend too much time in the feels however.

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By mid-month you might be so irritated that you grab your keys and head out for a night of loud music, overstimulation and dancing till dawn just to shut your feels down for a bit. It just might be what you need to reset the over feeling you are experiencing. Organize those feelings as if they need their own day planner and do something explosive to get back to center! The best crystal for you to wear this month is Rhodonite to help you tap into your feelings from compassion and higher wisdom so decisions come from inspiration not desperation!

It might seem that this month you are not hearing any messages from the Universe telling you what to do next. This is not the time to seek for signs. It is time to go within and do some inner contemplation, self-guidance and self-trust work. If you feel like you are under stimulated, it is a better time to give to others to get that feel good stimulation rather than to go out and indulge for yourself.

Which is a good thing, because this month, Capricorn, you are more likely to give in balance to others but more likely to OVERBUY for yourself on stuff you really do not need! So, buy something lovely for your mom, your sweetie, your friend or the lady behind you in the Starbucks line! Next month, the universe just might have your back with some return on your good deeds! Instead, do something nice for someone else!